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Term 5

Lego Charity Walk

Lego Charity Walk 1
Lego Charity Walk 2
Lego Charity Walk 3
Lego Charity Walk 4
Lego Charity Walk 5
Lego Charity Walk 6
Lego Charity Walk 7
Lego Charity Walk 8
Lego Charity Walk 9

Sustainability workshop

Sustainability workshop 1
Sustainability workshop 2
Sustainability workshop 3
Sustainability workshop 4
Sustainability workshop 5

Science Assembly and Workshop


Megan - Today we were making things move by using solar energy. We used a light bulb, solar panels, wires, buzzers and propellers. Then we tried them out under a light and the propeller turned around. When we put it under the light the buzzer, buzzed.


Sebastian - I used 2 solar panels it made the propeller go faster and faster! 

When I let go of the propeller it was still spinning in the air!


Raenisa - When I was making the circuit it was difficult but now I know how to do it.


Mohammed - Today we have been having fun making circuits and learning how solar panels work.


Matilda - Our assembly was about sustainability which means saving electricity.


Audrey - We looked at lots of things in our homes that used electricity and decided which ones used the most and least.


Iniyah - I learnt that things can be powered by solar panels like lights.





SATS meeting notes

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays. 


Out topic this term is 'Our Sustainable City'. In fact it is the topic that provides the learning for the whole school. Each Year group is taking a particular focus and Year 2 will be learning about where our food comes from.


We will be asking the children to bring in empty food packaging so we can plot the locations onto a world map. 


Later in the term, we have a really exciting workshop being run by our Science team. We will be learning about wind and solar power. More details to follow.


Our Talk for Writing story this term is 'The Papaya that spoke'.


Please read the home learning document if you wish to help your child get ready for next term.


Kind Regards Miss Stone.





Homework ideas T5