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Term 5

Our topic this term is 

Our Wonderful World


We are going to travel around the world with Anansi the Spider, collecting stories as we go.

We will travel to Africa including a trip to Burkina Faso, then to India and China ending up in Spain.


We shall learn all about the different places we will visit and see how they are the same and different to where we live.


Follow this link to see our Knowledge Organiser for the term

Week 1

Welcome back. It's so lovely see everyone back in Nursery and we have had a great week learning all about our new topic.

Anansi the Spider has come to visit. He likes to play jokes on people and loves to tell stories. We are going on a journey around the world with him to collect lots of different stories. We have started off in West Africa where Anansi is from.

We have made amazing webs for Anansi using different patterns to create his web and then made our own spiders, counting out his legs. 

We also worked as a team to create a really big web that we climbed through. We all had to hold a part of the web.

The Nursery has also been making the most of the sunshine and enjoying lots of outside play. We particularly like swinging in the hammocks, playing with the fairy gardens, climbing over and under the climbing structure and jumping on the big mat.

I hope you enjoy our pictures.


Week 2

Anansi the spider sent us another story from Africa. It was 'All Aboard for the Bobo Road.' It is about a bus driving along the Bobo Road in Burkina Faso and all the wonderful sights you can see out the window including waterfalls, traditional Gurunsi houses, hippos, forests and finally the town of Bobo.

We have made our own buses and Gurunsi Houses that are decorated in patterns and shapes.

We also practised our counting and adding up by making a pretend bus and counting how many people got on and off the bus.

It was our first trip to Forest school too. It was great fun. Don't worry if your child has had a turn yet. In Term 6 we will be going in the afternoon so everyone will get the chance to go.

Have a look at our amazing pictures. 

Week 3

This week we have been thinking about the weather all around the world. When we were playing outside there was a hail storm one day. We tried to catch the hail stones and watched them melt in our hands.  When we came back to school on Tuesday there had been a big storm too and that made us think about Percy The Park keeper and his story called After the Storm. We made lots of different weather pictures and thought about what the weather is like in the places we come from like Algeria, The Gambia and Sudan. We thought about how the weather was the same or different in Bristol. 

We have also been having lots of fun outside. We played some new games including throwing javelins and bean bags along the number lines and seeing how far we could throw them

Forest school was great this week as we did some digging and painting with mud!

Week 4

This week Anansi took us to India. He left us a beautiful, colourful book called 'A gift for Amma.' It tells the story of a little girl going to a market in India to buy her mum a present. She can't decide what to buy and looks at all the colourful objects for sale. In the end she buys her a rainbow bangle. We made some beautiful bangles by threading straws and also using strips of paper. We made some terracotta pots from clay and some very yummy Indian pink sweet too.

We thought about the animals that live in India and read another story called 'Elephant Dance.' We decorated our own elephants.

Finally we read a story called 'Chapatti Moon' in which a chapatti rolled away. We thought about what shapes could roll and why. We decided that circles are the best for rolling.

We then made our own round chapattis and made sure they didn't runaway! We made dough and rolled it out. Then we fried them up and ate them. They were delicious!

I wonder where Anansi will take us next week?

Week 5

We have been to China this week!

We read Round is a Mooncake and have done lots of learning about shapes. We went on a shape hunt and found shapes everywhere!

We learnt about what animals come form China and found out some facts about pandas. They spend all day eating bamboo!

We have also been developing our fine motor skills by using chopsticks and cutting up noodles with scissors. It was also good fun!

As part of our PHSE learning about life skills we have had a focus on tidy up time all week in Nursery. We thought about working as a team; if everyone works together we can get the job done super quick! I wonder if the children will help tidying up at home?