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Term 5

We have made it to the end of a very busy term.  We have done so much fantastic learning again this week:


In English and Topic we have been learning about Shanghai and comparing it with Bristol - Ashaz

Shanghai is a beautiful, busy city in China - Maisie

It has really food like dumplings and tofu pudding - Jailan

In Shanghai you can go and see the Pearl Tower and the Yu gardens which are over 500 years old - Angelo


In Maths we have continued to learn about money and we have learnt to use a number line to find the difference- Yashruutha


In RE we learnt about Baptisms. We learnt that babies are baptised when a priest pours holy water on the baby's head. Then they mark a cross on the baby's forehead. After that they light a candle - Aria

The holy water washes away the sins - Samir

The cross on the head is to make the baby not fear Jesus and God. - Bella

The candle is to show a new entering the world - Yekshit


In PSHE we thought about compliments and how it feels to be given a compliment - Jailan.

Week 5

Week beginning 17.05.21


- We have been innovating our story from the Magic Paintbrush.  We changed the setting and characters! Tyler


In math we have been learning about money and its value. We found a really easy way to add money by using related facts! I know that 2p + 7p = 9p.  I also know that 20p + 70p = 90p - Alana


In Science, we looked at how plants disperse.  Did you know there are many ways that seeds can travel? For example, floating in the water, wind, animals and animal poop! Yuck! – Isabella


Have a great weekend!

Mr Jones and Mrs Slinn


We are already half way through this term, the week has flown by!


We have continued to measuring things in our maths. We focused on the difference between cm and m, comparing measurements and ordering. We used a ruler to measure small objects and a metre stick to measure longer or taller objects - Alana and Leona


In English we have begun learning the story of 'The Magic Paintbrush'.  We have drawn a story map to help us retell the story - Angelo and Euan


In RE we have been looking at symbols that show that people belong to the Christian religion - Alandra.

We also learnt about the story 'The Prodigal Son' and how it teaches Christian's that God will always forgive them. - Ashaz.


During our PSHE lesson, we learnt how to deal with fallouts with our friends.  We learnt to 'Stop', be 'Ready' to listen and then 'Mend the Friendship'.  We created some scenarios to practice using these resolution strategies.

Another busy learning  week - we've measured, investigated, sang and travelled!


In Maths we have been measuring objects using our feet, hands and metre sticks. - Suhaib and Yekshit.


Libby has taught us some new songs.  Our favourite is 'Bala, Pata, Zoom'.  We like this one because we have to click, pat and clap.  It is a tricky song to sing and do the actions, so we have to concentrate and persevere - Maise, Madison and Isabella


In our science this week we have been investigating what makes plants grow.  We have set up an experiment to see what conditions are best.

We put one seed tray of cress on the window sill, one in the cupboard and one in the corridor - Lidya and Ashaz. We will let you know what happens.


In our English and Topic we have started to learn about the location of China. We used Google maps to see what places are like in China - Jailan.



It has been a wonderful first week back in school.  We have done lots of exciting new things.

Our topic this term is learning all about China.  To kickstart our topic, we got to make some Chinese dumplings.


In our Maths we have been counting in fractions and finding equivalents fractions that are equal to a half. - Alandra, Suhaib and Jailan.


In our English we have been learning how to make dumplings and we have wrote some instructions of how to make them. - Maise, Ashaz and Euan


In Topic we have been looking at maps and learning about the continents. We learned that Europe is slightly bigger than Oceania. We also learned that there are 5 oceans. - Bella, Angelo and Dottie


Welcome back to Term 5



We hope that you have had a well-deserved break and are ready for more amazing learning in Term 5.


Please do take a look at this term's Knowledge Organisers to see what the children will be covering this term in their topic.  Click on this link to find your Year Group Knowledge Organisers


Children will be engaging in a variety of fun and engaging activities as well as continuing to develop new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 

Our topic is: Would you rather live here or there?  We will be looking closely at locations of hot and cold areas in the world, as well as understanding similarities and differences between human and physical features of our local area and contrasting this with China.

The inspiration for most of our writing this term will come from the Chinese tale; The Magic Paint Brush by Julia Donaldson. We will be immersing the children in Chinese life by learning how to make Chinese dumplings and writing Chinese characters.


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If you have forgotten your username and passwords, please let the year 2 team know!


PE Day

Tuesday: Outdoor

Thursday: Outdoor


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see us at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to us at another time. 


Mr Jones and Mrs Slinn