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Term 5

Welcome back to Term 5



We hope that you have had a well-deserved break and are ready for more amazing learning in Term 5.


Please do take a look at this term's Knowledge Organiser to see what the children will be covering this term in their topic. Click on this link to find your year group Knowledge Organsiers.


Children will be engaging in a variety of fun and engaging activities as well as continuing to develop new skills and understanding across the curriculum. 

Our topic is: Would you rather live here or there?  We will be looking closely at locations of hot and cold areas in the world, as well as understanding similarities and differences between human and physical features of our local area and contrasting this with China.

The inspiration for most of our writing this term will come from the Chinese tale; The Magic Paint Brush by Julia Donaldson. We will be immersing the children in Chinese life by learning how to make Chinese dumplings and writing Chinese characters.


Don’t forget to log on to Oxford Reading ad Numbots:


Oxford Reading:




If you have forgotten your username and passwords, please let the year 2 team know!


PE Day

Tuesday: Outdoor

Thursday: Outdoor


PPA will be on Wednesday AM and will be taught by Mrs H


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me at the end of the school day or make an appointment to talk to me at another time.


Miss Ali

Term 5

Week 1: What a busy week it has been!!


We have been doing lots of fantastic learning this week, few highlights that children mentioned this week:


We had a very exciting day on Monday where we launched our topic.  Children made dumplings and enjoyed them with soy sauce. 


In English,  we wrote a set of instruction on how to make dumplings – Emiliaheart


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions.  We challenged ourselves further and looked into equivalent fractions. Did you know 2/4 is equivalent to a ½? – Myraangel


In science we looked at the life cycle of a plant – we drew pictures of the life cycle of a plant – Georgesmiley


In Topic, we looked at the 7 continents and 5 oceans. Did you know Asia is the largest continent in the world? - Dilyslaugh



Term 5, Week 2

A busy busy week once again!!

Well done Whitebeam for 100% attendance (last week) AND attendance of the Term!! YAY!yesyes


Saoirse - In maths, we have been measuring objects with our feet!  We went outside to measure lots of different objects.   smiley

Ted P – In music we have been learning new songs.  We used clicking, clapping and patting. laugh

Ted S – In science, we have done an experiment – we planted cress seeds and placed them around the classroom . cool

Plant A -  fully shaded. 

Plant B – Part shaded

Plant C – full sunlight. 

We will keep you updated this term to see what will happen and how they are growing with or without sunlight. 

Shameika – This week, I enjoyed doing Art.  We did lots of painting about sculptures in China.  Did you know, the sculptures do frog dances? heart


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.  See you all on Tuesday, ready for more amazing learning.

Miss Ali 

Term 5

Week 3 (W.B 04.05.2021)

Busy learning from all of 2 Whitebeam!


Science: We cannot believe it! Are cress plants are growing! I noticed that the cress with no sunlight is dying L The cress with sunlight is growing just fine J

Ted Ssmiley, Saiorseheart, Ted Pdevil

Maths: We have been learning how to estimate and measure with different objects.  We went outside and used meter sticks to compare lengths. Ta’shiyahcheeky


English – We have been learning about “The magic Paintbrush”.  We used actions and story map to help us retell the story. Aquadevil

Spellings – we have been learning alternative spellings.  Aryandevil


Guided Reading – Falcons have been reading about Living Fossils.  Ask us a question about Living Fossils. Llewynenlightened


Art : In Art we have been learning about Chinese Rock Art on cliffs.  We painted a picture using the design of Chinese Rock Art using watercolours.

Ted Penlightened

Aryan working hard to measure using a ruler!


Retelling Magic Paintbrush using actions!

Have a fabulous weekend !!

Miss Aliyes

Week 4

Another busy week with some fabulous learning from all the children!!

Well done 2WB!


Mercy – This week in 2wb we have been observing plants. (scroll down for a picture) Half of them are vibrant and healthy and the other half not so much… they are actually dying Lheart

Naia – This week in English we have learning to retell our story ‘The Magic Paintbrush’.heart

Rowan – In Maths, we have been learning about all the different values of coins and notes.  Some are a bit hard, but practise makes perfect.laugh

William – In PE we have been learning how to ‘rock the ball’ and dodge cones in rugby with both classes.devil

Aqua – In Topic we looked at the human and physical features of our local area.  We went outside and spotted features. mail (Scroll down for pictures)

Isabella -  In Art, we have continued with ‘The Rock’ art.  We used dark red to paint similar picture of it.cheeky

In PSHE, we have been looking at feelings on how people keep 'good' secrets and 'worry' secrets. Did you know, 'worry' secrets usually lead to worse results if they are kept a secret but if you tell the worry, this can be sorted out!cheeky


Have a lovely weekend team!

Miss Ali 

W/B 17.05.2021

Week 5


What a windy, wet week but all the children have been smiling and learning !


Louie and Minna - We have been innovating our story from the Magic Paintbrush.  We changed the setting and characters!cheekydevil


George - In math we have been learning about money and its value. We found a really easy way to add money by using related facts!devil


Emilia, Ta'shiyah, Rowan and Naia - In Science, we looked at how plants disperse.  Did you know there are many ways that seeds can travel? For example, floating in the water, wind, animals and animal poop! Yuck! devildevilyesheart


Llewyn - In guided reading we looked closely at 'Living Fossils'.  Did you know some animals that were living during the time where dinosaurs were alive, are still alive today? enlightened


Yasir and Ted P : Below is a picture where we made paper helicopter seeds to show how plants disperse !cool

Have a wonderful weekend. See you all on Monday

Miss Alilaugh

Week 6 

W/b 24.05.2021


Wow, another busy week with amazing learning from all of 2 Whitebeam!


Super Learner goes to 2Whitebeam for their consistent growth mindset and perseverance! yes


This week, we researched about Shanghai, China and looked at the similarities and differences between Bristol, United Kingdom.  We then made a holiday brochure.laugh



In Maths, we continued with money and found the differences between them.  We worked hard in finding the differences. angel


During PE, we have been practising our rugby skills in passing, dodging and catching. surprise




Bring on Term 6 for more amazing learning!  Have a well deserved half term break. 

Stay safe. 

Miss Ali