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Term 5

Welcome back 4 Apple! We hope you've had a wonderful, and relaxing, Easter break.


This term, we will be studying how mountains affect the lives of humans animals whilst focusing on how eco-tourism can impact our environments. We will also be looking at the intricacies of electricity and building our own circuits.


Follow this link to see our Knowledge Organisers for the term.


We will be continuing with our learning on fractions and by the end of the term, starting to learn about decimals.


Our new book in English is called 'The Cloud Tea Monkeys' by Elspeth Graham and Mal Peet. A beautiful story with even more beautiful illustrations to inspire creativity in our students. 




Our PE sessions will take place on:


Wednesday- AM

Friday - AM


Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit with a plain white T-shirt, black shorts and trainers. Children may also need a school jumper and a coat.




Thursday afternoon PPA will be covered by Mr Germain (Computing and Spanish) and Mrs H (Art and Spanish). 



Electricity in Science


This term in science we will be learning about electricity. This week, we were given a mixture of different electrical equipment and challenges to make a bulb light up within 2 minutes! We quickly found out that when connected the crocodile clips to the plastic part of the wire, nothing happened. But when we connected it to the metal part, it worked!

Using that knowledge, we then began to make switches for our circuits using metal paperclips. Next week we will be exploring electrical circuits even more and we are very excited!



RE - What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?


In RE this week, we looked at what events and tasks Christians usually attend to during a typical week. We looked at items that are important to Christians, such as a crucifix, a candle, Christian music, and how those items might impact the day to day living of a Christian child. 

We then talked about how Christians also use churches as community centres and what type of events might happen there, such as choir practise and charity fundraisers. We then created our own freeze frames to reflect our ideas.





Geography - How are mountains formed?


In our geography learning we have been studying how mountains are formed. In order to help us further understand their formations, we have designed and created our own mountains using modroc.


We talked about whether we would be creating volcanically formed, or glacially formed, mountains and then whether we would be forming U-shaped valleys or V-shaped. We also discussed how a lake would be formed and how vegetation would be scattered around the mountain according to the altitude.



Can we tempt you to a sip of tea?


This week, we have finished reading the fantastic book 'Cloud Tea Monkeys' by Mal Peet. This incredible story is about a young girl whose monkey friends pick the most delicious tea for the Royal Tea Taster.

On Friday, we designed our own persuasive paragraph to entice others to drink some of the world-famous 'Cloud Tea'. Can we tempt you too?




Geography Lesson 2 - How are mountains formed?


Continuing with our geography learning about mountain formation, we have been finishing of our creations, paying particular attention to vegetation growth and how it would be affected higher up the mountain. We also finished our lakes and rivers within our U and V shaped valleys.




English - Personification Poetry


This week we have begun to explore figurative language with poetry, with a particular focus on personification. We have used similes, alliteration, and metaphor to allow our readers to understand the true feelings of mountains, glaciers, and volcanoes!

We also used our best intonation and expression when performing our poems in our Y4 Poetry Slam.



What an amazing week we've had! We started our level 1 bike training on Tuesday, and despite the weather, had an incredible time. Well done to every child in Apple who have passed!





What is renewable energy?

This week in science we started by looking at what static energy is. We took rubber balloons and rubbed them against our jumpers to build up static energy. We then saw the results when we placed the balloons against our heads!




We then began to explore other sources of energy and why they are used. We learnt that 90% of the energy we use comes from fossil fuels but that these fuels damage our plant and will soon run out. We then looked at different renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. We created our own windmills to explore how wind energy can be harvested.



English – Persuasive Scripts.

This week we have used persuasive devices to help encourage others to do more to protect humans, animals, and plants that live on mountains.

Whilst working in groups, we used rhetorical questions, emotive language, and superlatives to help people understand that importance of doing more to help protect our planet.

We then created a persuasive news report and recorded it whilst speaking with intonation and expression. 

Do YOU want to help save the planet?


PE – Cricket

For the previous few weeks we have been learning the skills of cricket. We have practised our bowling techniques as part of our unit with the fabulous Bristol Sport coaches.

We have found it challenging but we have persevered and have made fantastic progress.


Meg A - In PE, we played cricket and we learnt how to bowl and bat. It made me feel excited because I really enjoyed it!


Amelie - It was really fun because we got split into teams and we were batting and bowling and then we got to play a cricket game together.


Isaac C - I really liked it because it was the first time I learnt how to play cricket and it was really fun and challenging.