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Term 5

Welcome back!


We hope that you had a restful holiday and are looking forward to the beginning of the summer term.

Things you need to know:


  • PE will now be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children should come to school on these days dressed in their PE kit, which consists of a Plain White T Shirt and Black Tracksuit Bottoms, Leggings or Shorts. 
  • PPA will be on Tuesdays and we will have a coach from Bristol Sport providing specialist PE instruction.


Our class story is 'Oranges in No Mans Land' by Elizabeth Laird and is based on the author's experience of Beirut and working closely with refugee children. This links to our topic lessons this term, where we will be focussing on Geography and asking the question 'What makes people leave their home?'


Follow this link to see our Knowledge Organisers for the term.




On Monday we went to the farm and split into two groups. First we chopped vegetables like carrots, leeks, potatoes, chard and onions to make a delicious soup. Keelie.


The other group explored the farm and tasted plants and flowers. Back in the outdoor kitchen some children were making potato bread. Daniel.


This is how we made the potato flat bread: We filled a pot with mashed potato. Then we put it in a bowl with a bit of flour. We mixed it thoroughly and rolled it out into a circle. Finally we fried it in a pan. It tasted excellent! Beth





18.6.21 Windmill Hill City Farm


Yesterday in tennis we played tennis matches against our partners. Some children played egg and spoon. Abdoul.


As a warm up we played stuck in the mud and it is a great warm up game because you have to run around. Keelie.


It was fun because we were playing with our friends in the sunshine! Harry.





28.05.21 Tennis


Lego Challenge!

This morning our Lego challenge was to create an interesting and unique building. We made some really, really good models. Oscar.


Mo and Oscar were the winners scoring 9 out of 10 for originality and sticking to the design brief.





Lego Challenge!


On Friday in RE we learnt how Christians drew or painted images of Jesus. Abdoul


In our Science experiment this week we had 2 cups of water and dissolved sugar. We had to test if the temperature of water affected how quickly the sugar dissolved. Gaya.



On Monday, Oli talked about going to University. We asked him questions too! Beth

On Wednesday, Dr. Daniel joined us on zoom and talked about being a  Neuroscientist. He was super brainy and smart. Sajid.







For our science experiment, we had 4 cups and we put sand, sugar, coffee and rice in the separate cups. We poured water into each one to see what dissolved. - Beth


It was exactly what we predicted. The sand and rice didn't dissolve but the coffee and the sugar did. - Amanda


When you go to the beach and make a sand castle, you often use wet sand and that doesn't dissolve. Also when you cook rice, it doesn't dissolve. - Oscar


This week, in maths we have been doing percentages.  - Neshan


In computing, we made our own game show using the Sam Labs. One of the people in the group was the question master and the other two were pressing the buzzers. - Lansana


In English we wrote a setting description. We wrote it based on our story: Oranges in No Man's Land. - Keelie





Science Investigation-Dissolving

7.5.21 Bagels and Reading!



Today in English we wrote our plans for our adventure stories. Gaya.


This week in Maths we have been exploring decimals and fractions. Oscar


In Science we carried out an investigation to discover which material would be the most suitable for a carrier bag. Beth


In ICT we created cardboard guitars and used Sam Labs to add music. It was fun! Norah


In PE we continued our tennis lessons and made a target out of cones. If our tennis ball landed in the target we scored 5 points. Riley


We completed our reading assessments and it was good! Sammy.


This week we have been enjoying our bagels whilst reading our books. Iolo


On Friday our Kit Kat guided reading group went outside to complete our reading tasks from a picture. It was sunny. Sajid





On Thursday for our PE lessons we played tennis and jailbreak. Abdoul.


We have been challenging ourselves this week by completing maths tests which were tricky but we persevered and did our best! Gaya.


Also we wrote stories about flying turtles and an old man. Daniel.


This week was the first week for a long time that we were able to play with the children from 5 Cherry. Emmanuel.


Our Friday challenge this week is to read as many words as we can from our reading book in 1 minute. Iolo and Neshan.


In Science we have been learning about everyday materials. Keelie.





Playtime with Year 5


This week we made a book that has pictures of mythical animals and objects.


In our maths learning we learnt about fractions which was tricky at first but we kept on persevering and now it is easy.


We have begun reading our class book and we think it is amazing because it has lots of drama.



In RE we learnt about Ramadan and how Muslims fast.


In topic we have been learning about refugees and why they leave their homes.






The Deadly Book of Magic