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Term 5

Welcome back!


We hope that you had a restful holiday and are looking forward to the beginning of the summer term.

Things you need to know:


  • PE will now be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children should come to school on these days dressed in their PE kit, which consists of a Plain White T Shirt and Black Tracksuit Bottoms, Leggings or Shorts. 
  • PPA will be on Tuesdays and we will have a coach from Bristol Sport providing specialist PE instruction.


Our class story is 'Oranges in No Mans Land' by Elizabeth Laird and is based on the author's experience of Beirut and working closely with refugee children. This links to our topic lessons this term, where we will be focussing on Geography and asking the question 'What makes people leave their home?'


Follow this link to find our Knowledge Organisers for the term.

Week Six (Monday 24th May 2021)


We played tennis, passing the ball over a net in a rally- Musa


I really liked when we made a discussion text in English about whether or not to wear school uniform- Ruby


We tested which material would be best at filtering a mixture- Michalina


I enjoyed learning about different religions in RE- Sokhna


I liked it when we were learning about suffixes in spelling- Sherice


I enjoyed doing PE with Bristol sport and playing dodgeball- Reggie

Week Five (beginning 17th May)


I enjoyed doing PE indoors! -Reggie


I enjoyed conducting four different experiments to see how we could affect the time it takes sugar to dissolve in a liquid-Michalina


I enjoyed playing Dodgeball with Bristol Sport on Tuesday- Milo


I enjoyed learning about Re- Sokhna


I really liked learning about decimals in Maths- Ruby


I enjoyed planning our discussion text about whether or not children should wear school uniform as part of our English lessons- Phoebe


I enjoyed taking part in Zoom meetings with people telling us about their careers- Marwa


We found out about how the pupils Child of Hope School have been affected by lockdown in Uganda as part of our assembly- Oscar





Week Four (10th May 2021)

This week we have been writing adventure stories based on our book, 'Oranges in No Man's Land'. In Maths, we have been learning about decimals, fractions and percentages and how to find equivalents. For Science, we carried out experiments to see whetehr a material would dissolve in a liquid; if its does that it is called soluble, if it doesn't then it is insoluble.

Week Three  (beginning 3rd May)


On Thursday, we learned how to pass and keep control of a ball in Tennis-  Samir

In RE, we've been learning about why Mosques are important places for Muslims- Michalina

For Friday Challenge we tried to draw a butterfly by helping critique each other's work- Pablo

In Science, we investigated which material makes the strongest carrier bag by conducting a fair test- Reggie

In Nurture Group, we explored the local area, looking at tunnels and bridges- Kyran


Week Two


This week has been a good week because we've been able to play with our friends again- Reggie


I've enjoyed doing the assessments- Glory


I like learning about materials in Science- Sokhna


It's great that the year bubbles have expanded so now we can play with more of our friends- Pablo


In PE, we payed tennis- Musa


In Topic, we were learning about Human Geography. We had an interview with a refugee called Saleh, who told us all about how he got away from his country and why he left- Ruby

Week One


It has been a very busy first week back after the Easter break. We started with introducing our topics for Term 5. In Science, we will be studying the properties of materials and why different materials are chosen for different purposes. We will look at how to plan and conduct a fair test as well as making predictions and drawing conclusions from an experiment.

In Geography, our topic question is: what makes someone leave their home? The theme for tis topic is refugees. We will look at the human and physical geography surrounding refugees and ask what factors make a home as well as the reasons why people leave their home and country to live somewhere else.