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Term 5



We hope you had a relaxing Easter break and are ready for some GREAT learning.


Follow this link to find Knowledge Organsiers for this term.


This term, our learning is focusing on investigating ‘Why might some of the UK be under water in 2050?’ Through this we will be developing our knowledge of countries and cities within the UK, identifying their human and physical features. Using this knowledge, we will be comparing similar terrains within the UK, Europe and America. In addition to this, we will learn more about flooding and the impact it has on different locations.


Working scientifically is VITAL to developing scientific knowledge and understanding. We will be building on the skills we learnt last term to plan and carry out an experiment.


In Maths we will be recapping our knowledge on area, perimeter and volume of different shapes and learning about ratio.


Monday and Tuesday are our PE day this term with a focus on Tennis and Dodgeball.


In DT this term we are focusing on food technology. Your task is to design, make and evaluate a survival food parcel for Zoe for her travels.


In RE we are focusing on salvation with a focus on answering this question: What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?


We are lucky to have our local PCSO visit us this term to talk about internet safety, drugs and alcohol.


We are really excited to see you all.


Year 6 Team



In PE, we did a basketball tournament. - Ridwan


We cooked our bread rolls and we used different ingredients to make ours unique and tasty. - Javi


We went out to the park and ate the scones we made. - Lillia



In Maths we have been learning about ratio and doing ratio problems. (Ridwan)


In Science, we had an assessment about what we have learned in our ‘Working Scientifically’ topic. (Adriana)


In English we have been learning about formality and the power of three.  (Sam)


Yesterday, in Life Skills day we were budgeting and learning about fundraising. (Vinnie)


We continued to do basketball and tennis in PE. (Freya)


In spelling, we have been learning about affixes, the umbrella term for prefixes and suffixes. (Vinnie)


In RE we have been studying Christian art and learning about religious themes. (Saul and Freya)


In ICT, we used Samlabs and created simulations of turtles under the sea. (Amro)






This week, we did a science experiment. We were trying to find out whether cold or hot water froze the quickest. - Asta


In topic, we made our own posters to fundraise for our Y6 leaver's play. We learnt about budgeting in Life Skills Day.


In, DT made and evaluated our own bread rolls or scones.



We started planning our survival snacks for Zoe's food parcel.  - Flo


In Maths, we have started to learn about ratio. - Saul


We did a volume investigation with lidless boxes; see our pics below.  - Ridwan


We made a shopping list for DT. -  Vinnie




In maths, we have been doing our reasoning and arithmetic past papers. in PE on Monday, we did tennis and dodgeball. We also went to the farm and fed the sheep. We explored the volume of 3D shapes using cubes. In DT, we tasted different food. Maisie's favourite was the seeded roll.





What a great start to Term 5!


We have had a top week, starting with tennis and ending with dodgeball in the sunshine. In maths, we have been learning about area and perimeter. In English we have written our own endings to a short video. We created leaflets about tsunamis as our book this term in English is 'The Phone Booth in Mr Hirota's Garden', all about the devastating tsunami in Japan and how one man's vision supported his whole community. We discussed portable snacks in DT and thought about the locations of different places in Geography.