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Term 5 - Our Place



Welcome back to our class page. This term so far we have been learning a variety of things therefore we have been having lots of fun. Since the start of the term, we have been receiving exciting news about what’s coming up – girls football fixtures and results, camp is now in October and the Festival of Sport at Ashton gate. We are going to tell you what we have been learning about so far this term.


‘We have been writing rescue stories.’ Igor


‘We have been learning to use simple sentences, compound sentences and complex sentences (using relative clauses and subordinating conjunctions).’ Alaska


 ‘In PE, we have been learning how to do a bounce serve in Tennis.’ Theo


‘In handball, we have been learning three different types of passes - the chest pass, the bounce pass and the overhead pass.’ Xander


‘With Coach Kane, we have been building up our team work by playing lots of team game where you have to communicate with each other.’ Grace


‘In Art, we have been working on a big project that will go on a display in St. Mary Redcliffe Church. We have been making props for the animation.’ Jess & Alex


‘In Maths, we have been learning how to multiply a unit fraction and a non-unit fraction by an integer, which means a whole number.’ Mariam


‘In Science, we have been learning about the different parts of a plant and the different types of reproduction in plants.’ Sabira


‘In JIGSAW, we have started a new topic for this term, which is called ‘Relationships and we have been writing on whiteboards famous people who have inspired us with positive character traits.’ Alex

Term 5


Welcome back. This term our topic is ‘Our Place’. This topic is all about cherishing Bristol and making the most out of what’s on our doorstep. We have already been doing lots of learning!!


‘We have been creating leaflets to persuade people to visit Bristol.’ Lola


‘We have also been drawing maps of the building that we live in and its surroundings.’ Alaska


‘In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions using bar and area models.’ Archie


‘In Art, we have started a project about our memories that will go on display in St. Mary Redcliffe church.’ Myrtle


‘In PE, we have started team building with coach Kane.’ Hamza

(As a team, we used 2 mats to move around the room in a particular order set out by cones – we were not allowed to touch the floor!)


‘We have been reading letters from Uganda.’ Igor


(Ms Swift kindly brought letters back over to the UK from the children in Uganda. These letters were in reply to the letters that we sent over with Ms Swift.)


‘It was really exciting and they were so interesting.’ Jess


‘We have been learning a text called kidnapped.’ Jennifer


‘This is about a boy who saves the American Ambassador’s daughter from kidnappers.’ Grace


‘In English, we have written a re-count of our story from Cindy’s point of view.’ Nasreen


‘In Spanish, we have been learning how to say animal names and we made a poster about this.’ Sabira

Year 5 Term 5 Curriculum Map

Yr 5 T5 - Our Place Homework Ideas