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Term 6

This week was all about our trip to Weston!  We had a fabulous day full of good things - lovely weather, a great site on the beach, a delicious drippy ice cream and a brilliant coach ride.  Thank you to all the parents who came with us, we hope you enjoyed the day too.  


Next week has lots happening:


Thursday 12th July - St Mary Redcliffe children visit their new Reception class 

Friday 13th July - Sports Day for Nursery.  We plan to start at about 9.20 and be in the decked area outside Mr Marquez-Vega's room.  We will confirm details next week and expect the event to last about 35 minutes.

Book Bags:  last week for borrowing books or please let us know if you don't want any more this term. 


Have a safe and warm weekend, hope to see you on Saturday at the Fair!


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi.

What a fabulous week we have had!  Beautiful weather and a lovely week of learning about Spain with Mrs Moral and Mr Javi.  We have created red and yellow fruit patterns with fraises, mangos y pinas!  Sadly no photos as they were eaten so quickly - photos to come in Learning Diaries though.  Can you guess the fruits we used?  


We heard a story called "I love Boats" which Mrs Moral translated into Spanish for us so that she and Mrs Knights could read together.  Mr Javi told us about mantons de manila and we created our own too, by cutting and decorating delicate tissue paper (here's a clue - flamenco dancers wear these around their shoulders and they have beautiful decorations).  We also created our own flamenco dancer puppets.


We learned a song about a little boat that couldn't float.  Here are the words:


Habia una vez n (once upon a time)

un barquito chiquitito (there was a little boat)

que no sabia

que no sabia navegar.  (that could not float)

pasaron un dos tres quatro cinco seis semanas  (123456 weeks passed)

y aquel barquito y aquel barquito y aquel barquito navfrago!   (and that little boat sank!)


We took care of our plants and ourselves by keeping cool with water!  And all the nursery grown ups practised their hula hooping! 


We have really enjoyed this week of learning together.    


Remember to be at Nursery before 8.55 am on Wednesday 4th July for our Weston trip.  

Friday 6th July school is closed for Staff Training Day.


Have a lovely safe and warm weekend.


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral, Mr Javi 

Welcome back to Term 6 - already busy and looking forward to our trip to Weston on 4th July.  Please return your permission slip and payment next Wednesday 27th June.  

The last few weeks we have been exploring water and boats and have discovered that we can make our own rivers, waterfalls and puddles.  We also love spraying plants (and each other) to keep cool!

We are learning the story of Noah's Ark and the boat that could float.  We even made one from playdough and discovered how many pairs of animals could fit on it.  

We were amazing at the Race for Life - I think we could have done a 2nd circuit of the park and we were pleased with how much money we raised.

Today we took a moment to look around us and celebrate Nature and while outside, drew what we could see.


We wish you a happy weekend and will see you next week.


Mrs Knights, Mrs Moral and Mr Javi