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Term 6

This term, every class in the school will be learning about a different country. Elm Class will be learning about Peru and Ash Class will be learning about Thailand. As both countries have areas of rainforest we will be learning about rainforests together and will be visiting Bristol Zoo on Wednesday the 26th June to see some rainforest animals and take part in a rainforest workshop (more information to follow in a letter soon). We plan to do lots of outdoor learning this term including our regular trips to Forest School (please sign up on the sheet outside the classroom door, we need at least two volunteers in order to leave the school site).

Ideas for home learning this term


Shape hunt - how many different 2D and 3D shapes can you find in your home. What are their names and properties (e.g. number of sides and faces in 2D shapes / number of faces in 3D shapes).

Addition and subtraction - practise adding and subtracting numbers using a range of resources such as counting objects, number tracks, counting on or back mentally. Can you record them as a number sentence? For an increased level of challenge, try finding missing values other than the answer. For example 5 + ? = 8


Read regularly at home and practise writing keywords by heart. Write sentences about your experiences outrside of school. This could be in the form of a diary or in response to a pictures you have drawn.


Do some research about the country you are learning about with your class (Elm-Peru / Ash-Thailand). Can you say hello in Spanish (Elm Class) / Thai (Ash Class)?


Forest in a Box:

Design a rainforest in a shoe box which include tress and animals that may be found there.


Mr Hewett and Mr Marquez-Vega