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Term 6

Week beginning 21st June

We have been practising songs for our school play – we are nearly ready for filming!

We had life skills day and went to Asda to learn how to navigate around the supermarket including asking the staff for help and learning how to use the checkout .We used the ingredients we bought at Asda to make tea, toast and there were various spreads to choose from. We also learned the safeties of a kettle and toaster and then we got to eat/drink it after. We learned how to do CPR and bandaged someone up, we also learnt how to put someone in the recovery position. We learned about internet safety and how you shouldn’t expose yourself to the internet or put something on the internet about someone else without their permission.

Today, we did our sports day, everyone showed lots of sportsmanship to each other and it was very competitive and fun. We did some very fun activities including an egg/tennis ball on spoon race. To end it all we did a sprint race. It was very close!

Week beginning 14th June


WOW! What a week.

We really enjoyed forest school where we used all the natural resources we could find to create our own Mandela. We found that we could be very creative and enjoyed making them.


On Monday we had a Science day where we learnt all about classification keys. Using liquorice allsorts, we created our own classification keys but found it difficult to ask only closed questions.


Topic Day was on Thursday where we learnt more about how trade has developed throughout time and the reasons why – the main one being the development of transport and technology. We also used our research skills to learn more about Fair Trade, what that means and why it is so important. We really enjoyed it, especially as we worked as a cohort not just in classes.


We are looking forward to starting our play next week…..

Week beginning 07.06.21


To start our week, on Tuesday we started a new P.E topic. We had the experience of going to the woods in the park as part of forest school. We did a range of activities, including a game which involved recreating one of the Y6 staff with leaves and branches, (found on the ground). Then we played another game where you had to blindfold yourself and let your partner guide you to a tree. You has time to feel the tree, with your eyes still covered, and then you were led to a separate area, they took off the blindfold and you had to try and find the same tree.


In English, we were introduced to a new book. It is a non-fiction book about endangered species, called Can We Save the Tiger? We each made a poster about a chosen endangered species. Our title had to be a question e.g. We Should Save Them, Shouldn’t We? As you can see, there is a question tag on the end. A question tag adds a range of possibility to the question.


In maths, we are focusing on how to find angles without a protractor. Using our knowledge of acute, obtuse and reflex angles we could check our answers. We also know that all the internal angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees, so we could use subtraction methods to work out the answers.


Today, on Friday 11th June, it’s our school World Book Day. Due to the day being postponed in March, Mr. Jones organised another one for today. We saw some brilliant costumes, including a Tinkerbell, many spider men and a bunch of Hogwarts members. We started with a parade with all the classes of the school in the playground. Our year was OBVIOUSLY the best. Then, in our classes, we chose our favourite books and created a new front cover for them. Then, we read our World Book Day book, I Go Quiet by David Ouimet. We strongly recommend the book, as it has beautiful images on every page. Our last activity of the day was to illustrate our own picture that showed an emotion, based on I Go Quiet.


By Alice and Dylan

Welcome to our final term of Y6!


We have a jam-packed term for you all which includes: life skills day, a visit from the Fire Brigade, CAMP! Transitions to secondary schools, leaver’s play, leavers assembly, world book day, poetry competition, sports day, fundraising, summer fair, SILENT DISCO! And so much more!


Key info:


PE Mondays (please come to school in PE kit)

Forest school Tuesdays (please come to school in PE kit and appropriate outdoor weather shoes and coats/ hats and suncream)

Teacher’s PPA Wednesdays – Mr Germain and Mrs H will be leading a computing and art project!


In maths, we will be consolidating key facts and in English, we will be reading the book: ‘Can We Save the Tiger?’ and creating a discussion text from this. In science, we will be focusing on living things and their habitats. Our topic is: Why is Fair trade Fair? Please see our Kos for more information on topic and RE.