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Term 6

Week Beginning 12th July


Last week of the year!  We have spoken a lot about changes and our feelings and spent some time in our new classes.  We also had a lovely time at the park so that we could recap all of the learning that we have done for science this year.  This includes, our bodies, senses, types of trees, materials, classifying animals and the four seasons of the year!  

Week Beginning 5th July 21

This week we have been working on our arithmetic in Maths.  We have revisited using the part whole model to complete number sentences and problem solve.  We have also solved arithmetic problems using a variety of tools such as base tens, ten frames and bead strings to prove the answers we have found.

Arithmetic - Using dienes!

Making improvements to the cycle paths

Persuasive writing

Compass directions and treasure maps!

Week Beginning 21st June 21

We have been having so much fun this week! We had such a brilliant trip to the farm on Monday. In Maths we have been continuing to learn about time! In English we have written a sequel to our fabulous class text "Mrs Armitage on Wheels"! Science lessons have taught us even more about animals and we loved our minibeast hunt! We also made exciting posters in Topic to promote our transport survey. The children would really love you to take part and answer their questions:


We also had our Year 1 Sports' Day and the children worked so collaboratively to support their friends in their house teams! All the adults were very proud of them.

Sports Day!!!

Transport Posters:

Week Beginning 14th June 21

It has been another jam packed week here in year 1! In maths we finished up our work on money and started looking at time talking about before and after, days of the week, months of the year and even started reading "O'clock" times! The children did so well. In English we have been enjoying the story of Mrs Armitage and loved describing both her and the setting. We even started thinking of alternative problems and solutions Mrs Armitage could have to help us plan our sequel we will be writing next week. In Geography we have continued to evaluate different types of transport looking at the pros and cons of different types and which are more sustainable modes of transport. In Science we continued our work on animals building on our knowledge from last week of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and began classifying animals looking specifically at reptiles and fish. The children were so good at this!

Making Clocks

Classifying Animals

Different Transport Options

Hello everyone! So wonderful to see you all back in Term 6! We hope you have had a restful half term and we have all missed the children very much. This term our whole class topic is: "A Sustainable Future" and Year 1 will be looking at transport specifically. We will continue to change reading books on a Monday and our PE days will still be Monday and Friday. Now the weather is warmer, please ensure you send your child in with a water bottle every day and apply sun cream when needed.


Week beginning the 7th June 21:

We had a wonderful start to Term 1 this week. In English we had a mysterious bike left in our classroom. We wrote questions for the owner and wrote a recount of our discovery of the bike using lots of detail. In maths we have started learning about money and had great fun working with both coins and notes (we even made our own toy shop!). In RE we have been learning about the creation story and in Science we have started learning about animals.


We finished our week with a fabulous belated world book day celebration and so enjoyed all the children's fabulous costumes! We also spent the day enjoying the book "We're All Wonders" by R. J. Palacio and completed lots of activities explaining why we are wonderful.




A mysterious bike...

Creating a Toy Shop

Wonderful World Book Day Costumes!

And some VERY hungry caterpillars...