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Term 6

Welcome back to Term 6!


We have hit the ground running this week and dived straight back in to our learning!


The wonderful weather was perfect for us to enjoy the tasty, fruit kebabs we learned how to make to launch our topic - Why Does it Matter Where Our Food Comes From?

We didn't want others to miss out, so we created clear, concise instructions for other to follow. We then went to the park to enjoy them.



In Maths we have begun looking at weight and mass.  We have used balancing scales to find the mass of different objects, as well as comparing their mass. 



In RE we have been learning all about parables.  We listened to the story of The Prodigal Son and then acted out the story.


Finally to end our week, we have enjoyed lots of fun book day activities, such as writing a book review, doing a character catwalk and creating a comic strip.



And we also joined in with other schools in Bristol to sing the songs that Libby has taught us.


Week 3

The highlight of our week has to be our trip to Windmil Hill City Farm.  Julie and Rosh, were fantastic hosts and we are very grateful to them.  The class had a lovely time, feeding the goats, digging for lost clues of past houses that use to be built on the sight and cooking a stir fry. Do take a look at the slide show of photos of our time at the farm. We wrote a recount in English of our time there to embed our memories.


In Maths we have begun to learn about volume and capacity. We learnt that capacity, is the amount that something can hold and volume is how much space is taken up within a container. We compared different capacities and volumes and described them using mathematical language - full, empty, half full, three-quarters full, almost empty, as well as, more, less, greatest and least.


In RE we dwelled deeper in to the parable 'The Lost Son' and thought more about who the farter and the son in the story represents.  The father is God and the Son, Christians.  We thought about what the story is teaching Christians about how God is.  We decided that God is - loving, kind, caring, forgiving, always there, will always welcome you back. To us, God is just like our parents.  


Have a lovely weekend.



Week beginning 21.06.21

Week 3

Wow, what a week!!!  Lots of learning, Sports Day and Life Skills. 

Year 2 have been busy! 



Well done to all of Year 2 for participating and most importantly having fun.  Scroll down to see photos:




Today, we learnt about the 4 emergency services, who to dial and what to do in an emergency.  We leant basic first aid and putting someone in the recovery position.  Did you know putting someone in the recovery position will keep their airway clear and open?

Friday challenge


The Art of Science Competition 2021

The theme for this year is SPACE, whether you want to escape to outer space, to a favourite space inside your home, or outside in nature - it's up to you! You can draw, paint, take a photo of a sculpture you have made, or upload a short video (2 min maximum) -the choice is yours!

The main thing is for you to have fun! There are 3 categories, age 4-7, age 8-11 and age 12-16, with the opportunity to win a prize!  Don't forget to give your artwork a title. Ask your teachers to send it to Miss Ali.


Have a lovely weekend.  

Mrs Slinn and Mr Jones

Week 4


Another lovely week of learning.  This week we have begun learning a new story in English called 'The Papaya That Spoke'. It is a funny tale of a hungry farmer who is spoke to by a papaya, dog, fish and goat!  We have drawn a story map to help us tell the story.


In Science we continued to learn about how to stay healthy. Our focus was keeping fit. Did you know staying fit and active helps you to sleep better?


In Maths, we have been learning to read the temperature on a thermometer.  We discovered that our body temperature was much higher than the temperature in the classroom.


We ended our week by learning the true names for our body parts, particularly the private parts of our bodies.  We also learnt how to keep these parts safe thanks to the Pantasaurus song:


Have a lovely weekend!

Week 5

(W/b 05.07.2021)

Another week of fabulous learning from 2 Hazel!

  In English we have been retelling our story ‘The Papaya that spoke’ and we began planning our innovated story of ' The Papaya that spoke! 


In maths, we have been learning how to read time. Our focus was looking at ‘o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to’.


 In science we have been learning about hygiene.  We did an experiment to see how easily germs spread!



In Topic we have been making our very own cloud finder.  Did you know that different clouds can mean different weather…? 



 In RE we have been learning the story ‘Jonah and the Whale’  We acted out the story! 


Have a fabulous weekend! See you all on Monday!

Mrs Slinn and Mr Jones