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Term 6

WOW Term 6 already?!


What a busy last term we have planned, school trips to Bristol harbour, making ice cream in science and making sculptures out of plastic in art! 


PE days remain the same, Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure children come into school with their PE kit on and school jumper/cardigan, should they choose to bring a jumper to school. 


As the weather is becoming warmer, please make sure your child brings a water bottle into school.




The 4 Stages of the Water Cycle


In this lesson we recapped the 4 stages of the water cycle: collection, evaporation, condensation and precipitation. We created our own mini versions of the water cycle and will continue to observe them over the next  few days. We have already noticed some water vapour!


Week 4 - 28.6.21- 2.7.21


Ice-cream in Science

Have you ever felt like making ice cream at home but don’t have enough time to let it freeze? Now you don’t have to wait, just ask our Y4’s!


As part of our science unit on changing states, we discussed how liquids can change state to a solid by removing heat. We then looked at how adding salt to ice can decrease the temperature from 0°C to -10°C! We used this knowledge to create an ‘instant freezer’ and added milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla essence to a bag which was placed inside the ice and salt. We shook it for around 5 minutes and voila! Instant ice cream!


Key Skills Day - Healthy Eating

As part of our key skills day we focused on healthy eating. We explored what it means to have a ‘healthy’ and ‘balanced’ diet. We also looked at a healthy recipe to stuff peppers. We had great fun making these and used different spices such as cumin and paprika to flavour our rice. They were DELICIOUS!


Week 3- 21.6.21-25.6.21


The highlight of week 3 has been our annual sports days! Unfortunately, due to the current climate our sports day looked quite different from usual. However, there was great fun and sportsmanship shown by all during our football dribble, sprints, obstacle course and nest raiders games. We finished off with a Year 4 teachers egg and spoon race. Ms Greenland won and Miss Fraser and Miss Hinchcliffe were devastated  when their egg’s broke!!


Week 2- 11/6/21-18/6/21


This week saw Year 4 go on a trip to the Bristol Harbour and what a beautiful day it was for such a trip!

During our visit to the floating harbour in Bristol, we identified human and physical features which are impacted by the River Avon. We discussed how the river has changed Bristol’s trade and affected the life of the people who live here. We also identified animal and plants life that is impacted by the river, how they survive but also how pollution negatively impacts them.



Week 1- 7.621-11.6.21


This week has seen us research Greta Thunberg and create climate change placards for our march for climate change next week! We worked hard to include persuasive devices and catchy slogans. See below the process of making them:



We also had SMRP World Book day, which has been an absolute treat! We looked at the book 'How The Stars Came to be' by Poonam Misty. We also had a whole school parade showing off our fantastic outfits!

Here are some of Year 4 in their outfits: