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Term Overview



We are part way through the term so it seems like a good opportunity to update you on some of the learning we have acquired so far.


As part of our Shang Dynasty work, we have been looking at the social hierarchy of the civilisation. Farmers and peasants were part of the lower class which we only allowed to eat fish as their meat, all other animals going to the wealthier classes. They also lived in holes with a bit of fabric for a roof in comparison to the palaces and mansions that were built for the nobility and government scribes/priests. Despite the farmers' poor conditions, the slaves had a much harder time. Forced into hard labour, they had an unpleasant death to look forward to as well - should their owners die before them, the slaves would be buried alive with their owners so they can continue to serve them in the afterlife!

More pleasantly, we also found out about the discovery of the Shang Dynasty and how advanced they were in comparison to other civilisations at the time. They created the first recorded writing, and we got to have a try in a calligraphy workshop run by the Bath Museum of Eastern Art.


Our work on the human body has been focusing on the circulatory system which has involved studying organs involved in the process as well as how the blood transports much more than mere oxygen to the cells that need it. For instance, the blood carries waste products away from the kidneys, not just carbon dioxide!

We have looked at the impact of a healthy diet and exercise on the human body and learned that grapes explode in the microwave (a fun little byproduct of our own research!) Vitamins and minerals help keep the body working and are essential to daily repair and growth. A balanced diet is the best form of diet to have, and that involves included food from all the food groups, even fats! Maybe not Coca-Cola though (sorry Miss Ali).


Maths has involved studying the links between fractions, decimals and percentages and how those equivalences can aid us in finding parts of given amounts. Finding the common denominator is vital when adding or subtracting fractions. However, when multiplying fractions you can simply multiply the numerators and denominators together.


In English we have been creating our own Lost and Found stories based on the Talk for Writing model Dobber and the Silver Ring. In our text, the original owner is a vital part of the story as they fulfil the wish of the main character which creates a satisfying story arc for the reader.




Hello and welcome to Term 2.


This term we are covering history and as such will be looking at an ancient civilization. We have selected the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China.


In Literacy we are beginning our Talk4Writing work and have been given Dobber and Silver Ring as our high quality text.


In Maths, working in conjunction with other schools in the DBAT network, we are focusing on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We will also be including Ratio within our work over this term.


Art and PE will continue to involve Superstars, and we are also having Bristol Sport teach tag rugby on Tuesday afternoons.


Our Science work will look at the circulatory system of humans, exploring how this system is functions, why it is essential and of what major organs it comprises.


As ever, for full details please check the curriculum map and things you need to know letter.