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Term Overview

We're coming up to the end of our first term so it's nice to reflect on all the learning that has happened. Here is a break down of the topics covered so far by our Year 6 cohort.




  • Applying addition and subtraction formal methods to solving word problems.
  • Learning and applying column multiplication to solve problems.
  • Learning and applying long division to solve problems.
  • Applying knowledge of factors, multiples and primes to solve word problems.
  • The order of operations - BODMAS (Brackets, Of, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction)




  • Reading and comprehending a high quality text: There's a boy in the girl's bathroom by Louis Sachar
  • Creating a balanced argument
  • Using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions
  • Create subordinate clauses
  • Using prepositional phrases
  • Punctuating with semi-colons to link similar independent main clauses
  • Identifying the subject and object in a sentence to write in the passive voice




  • The structure of our solar system
  • The order of the planets
  • The geocentric and heliocentric models of the solar system
  • How night and day occurs locally and internationally
  • The movement and phases of the moon


We've also covered a range of topic ideas from the theory of the creation of the universe scientifically and religiously; the use and replication of collegno in Holst's The Planets to achieve an effect on the listener; how to orient a map in order to navigate a given area; to celebrate the work of Paul Klee and create work that is inspired by his art and a lot more.


And that's only term 1!